General Dentistry

Our goal is to ensure that you benefit from the highest quality dental treatment in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Our team advise patients to attend for dental examinations on a regular basis to protect their oral health.  Examinations include oral cancer health screening, x-rays and periodontal (gum) health screening.  We’ll risk-assess you for things like dental caries and advise you how frequently you need to attend for examinations (between 3 and 12 month intervals are usual) and how often you should have dental x-rays.

Many dental problems are hidden and without regular examinations with enough time for a proper consultation it’s common for problems to be missed and to worsen, leading to permanent damage to gums, teeth and their roots.  Regular appointments help patients to build a trusting relationship with the same dentist and allow clinicians to appreciate the factors surrounding their patients’ dental health such as their lifestyle and diet.

For most people, regular sessions with the hygienist are also needed – to remove plaque, calculus (the hard deposit formed when bacteria in the mouth reacts with minerals in the saliva – also called tartar) and staining.  It also provides an opportunity to give you guidance on tooth brushing and interdental cleaning techniques, the most effective way to prevent gum disease, which affects 83 per cent of the population and is the main cause of tooth loss in over-40s.

While regular examinations and good supportive hygiene therapy are the bedrock of good oral health, there’s a lot more we have to offer:

Dental caries, tooth wear and the failure of old dental restorations mean that most people need some active dental treatment from time to time.  We can provide composite (tooth-coloured) fillings, crowns, endodontic therapy, bridgework, dentures and many other forms of treatment when required.

Also, you may like to improve the appearance of your teeth.  We can provide you with a range of aesthetic treatments to give you the smile you always wanted.