Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening involves applying a whitening solution to your teeth to make them lighter in colour.  When carried out by a professional, the procedure is safe and effective.  We offer ‘at home’ whitening;


‘At Home’ Whitening

With this type of teeth whitening, we construct special whitening trays, and supply tubes of whitening solution that can be used at home.  As the treatment is still planned and monitored by a dental professional, this method of whitening is still safe and effective.  A pre-treatment shade is first taken, before a mould or ‘impression’ of the teeth.  After the whitening trays have been constructed, we show you how to apply the solution to the trays and give you full instructions on how to wear them.

The trays are usually worn for 1-2 hours each day for about a week, but the main advantage of this technique is that you can ‘top up’ every few months at home, whenever you feel the need.  We also sell individual tubes of solution which means you do not need to have new trays constructed.